About Us

LogoCurrent Board Members:
Lori Hagborg, President
Annette Donahue, Senior Vice President
Wendy Adams, Vice President
Amy O’Regan, Treasurer
David Jacobs, Secretary

Our purpose:

A. To support through fundraising the needs of the Quincy Instrumental Music Program, so that it can enrich and enhance the musical experience of all band students.
B. To advocate on behalf of the Quincy Instrumental Music Program, whether it be to the Quincy School Committee or a particular school administration, with the goal of facilitating the delivery of the program.
C. To provide program support for the band directors wherever it may be needed.
D. To provide a forum where issues of concern to the Quincy Band Boosters and the band directors can be openly discussed and information about the Band program can be shared.

To view our By-laws and Policies please visit:  QBB Corporate Documents